[Can lobster shrimp head eat _ big shrimp]

[Can lobster shrimp head eat _ big shrimp]

The lobster is a very delicious food. The lobster tastes tender and delicious. Although the lobster is delicious, we must pay attention to the lobster when it is eaten daily, so as not to eat the big lobster.The parts of the lobster that do not change are harmful to human health. Many people do not know if the prawn heads can be eaten. Can the prawn heads be eaten?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Is it possible to eat prawn heads?
The head of the lobster can be eaten after it is cleaned. The lobster lives in the sea or better water quality of artificial farming, and the pollution of the food and the side of the head is reduced. Generally, as long as the following treatment methods are used, some inedible parts are cleaned up.You can eat it later.

The following are the processing steps for the head of the lobster: 1. Drain the lobster. Hold the lobster from the back, place the lobster belly outwards, and then use a chopstick to insert it from the shrimp’s urination mouth to the head, and then remove the chopsticksDrain easily, and the lobster will die.

2. Clean out the lobster’s gills. Use a knife to separate the lobster head from the shrimp body. Then use sharp scissors to insert the lobster shrimp body into the middle of the joint between the lobster shrimp body and the head. Then open the lid of the head and clean the gills.

3. After cleaning the stomach sac, we need to clean the stomach sac that grows on the head of the lobster. You can directly scrape it out with your hands and then remove the brain. If you like this, you can also put the spinal cord into the lobster brain egg crust.tasty.

4, cut into pieces Next, our lobster can be cut into suitable sizes for cooking and eating according to eating habits.


Can the head of crayfish be eaten?

Ca n’t eat, usually the head of crayfish we eat is basically not eaten, for the following 5 reasons: 1. The water quality environment for crayfish is not good. Whether it is artificially cultivated crayfish or wild crayfish, most of them live inIn some environments with poor water quality, in addition to sludge, there may be contamination by heavy metals, and this lobster is also very easy to become a host for parasites such as schistosomiasis and liver flukes.

The head of the crayfish, because of the poor quality of the living water, is the place where the most toxins are absorbed and processed, and the part where the pathogens and parasites are most likely to accumulate, so it cannot be eaten.

2. The head of the crayfish has dirty feces. In addition, the body structure of the crayfish is also one of the reasons why we do not eat the head. The crayfish’s shrimp body has few other organisms except one intestine. All the organisms are concentrated on the head.unit.

These include the stomach, liver, heart, a pair of testes / ovaries, the antennal glands of the excretory organs as well as the bladder and the excretory hole.

In other words, if we eat shrimp heads, we will eat the shrimp excreta, half-digested shrimp food, and shrimp urine together.

3. It is difficult to clean the head of the crayfish. Because the growth environment of the crayfish is not good, the inside of the crayfish will be dirty. After 24 hours of daily replacement with clean water, it is difficult to clean the inside of the head.The part is the dirtiest part of the body, because you ca n’t eat it in places that are not cleaned well.

4. There is no meat on the head of the crayfish. The main thing to eat is shrimp, and the crayfish itself is small. The meat of the whole body is concentrated in the shrimp body, and the shrimp head can even eat it.There is no meat and it is not worth the effort to wash and make it.

However, because the shrimp head also contains very high amino acids, and amino acids are good ingredients for freshness after cooking, it is recommended that the shrimp heads can be prepared together when cooking, but instead of discarding the shrimp heads when eating.


Eating a crayfish head may cause physical discomfort. One is that the crayfish has gills on its head, which can be exchanged with external water. It may be contaminated with a lot of bacteria and other substances. It can easily cause gastrointestinal upset.There may also be potential parasites or parasite eggs. Improper handling is likely to lead to parasitic infections. Third, the head of the crayfish has a liver, and the liver may be rich in heavy metal ions.Too much will cause the body to accumulate heavy metal ions, which is bad for your health.

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