[How to make fairy grass jelly]_ practices _ cooking skills

[How to make fairy grass jelly]_ practices _ cooking skills

Immortal grass is also called jelly grass, which is the main raw material for making jelly.

The upper part of the plant’s stem is upright and the lower part is stuck to the ground. The mature fruits are round.

This jelly grass has a lot of effects. It can clear heat and detoxify in summer.

As for jelly, we must have eaten it.

There are many such stores in summer, specializing in jelly.

Guests love to eat, which explains the essence of jelly.

Let’s talk about the specific method of Celestial Jelly.

Introduction of jelly jelly: Jelly jelly is a traditional summer food for the urban and rural people in developing countries. It is popular in the hot summer.

There are many types of folk jelly powder and their production methods. Two of them are now introduced.

Jelly grass processed jelly is a perennial plant of the jelly grass family Lamiaceae of processed jelly, with square stems, opposite leaves, and blue flowers.

At present, some farmers in Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong and other places have planted a large number of crops, harvesting four or five crops per year, producing more than one ton of hay per 667 m 2 (1 acre), and the market price is about 12 yuan per kilo.

Fairy grass jelly practices: 1.

Jelly grass powder is first washed, dried, crushed and sieved.

Then take 500 grams of jelly grass fines, 20 grams of edible alkali, 1000 grams of starch, mix well and bag.

The packaging can be divided into 100g, 200g and 500g packaging, which is not good for sale.

When eating, brew with 10 times the amount of boiling water, stir well, and then freeze to form jelly.

Then mix some vinegar, soy sauce, chili water or sugar, honey, etc. according to everyone’s preference, don’t have a flavor.


The specific method of directly processing jelly grass is: take 500 g of jelly grass, wash it, add 5,000 g of water, and put it in the pot to torture. It is estimated that the juice of the jelly grass is completely accumulated.Filter off the grass residue, then add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, and add 20 grams of edible alkali and 1,000 grams of starch. After stirring for 45 minutes, simmer in a container with a spoon, and freeze to solidify.Jelly.
In summer, jelly powder can sell a bowl of fifty cents, and business is better than cold drinks and beverage stores.

Jelly seed is processed with jelly seed, which is the seed of another wild plant.

The jelly powder processed with jelly seed is clear and transparent, and the refreshing sweet peppermint is better than the agar slurry.

Tool preparation: ① 2 iron buckets or 2 washbasins (for holding finished products and water); ② a small cloth bag made of fine cotton cloth; ③ a large bowl; ④ a pair of bamboo chopsticks; ⑤ a plastic straw; ⑥ ironOne spoon.

The above tools are washed and used.


Preparation of raw materials ① Some jelly seeds; ② some lime (requires no weathering and pollution); ③ some cold spring water, such as well water or tap water should be heat treated (that is, first boil and fully cooled to remove the precipitate); ④ some sugar⑤Some edible flavors (menthol) and citric acid.


Processing method: Take 50 grams of jelly seeds as an example: ① Take 50 grams of jelly seeds into a cloth bag, tie the bag tightly, and pre-soak in clean cold spring water for 10 minutes; ② Take 25 grams of quick lime, dissolve in halfBowl of cold spring water and let it clarify naturally; ③ Put the pre-soaked jelly seed in 2.


5 kg of cold spring water, rubbing with both hands constantly. At this time, the bag will overlap with a large amount of juice. After repeated rubbing for about 10 minutes, you feel that there is very little overflowing juice in the bag. Stop rubbing. ④ Lime water (also known as coagulant)As you pour into the bowl, use bamboo chopsticks to constantly agitate the juice in the bowl. After a few minutes, when you see that the juice in the bowl is condensing like a roe, you can stop adding coagulant and let it stand for a while to become a jelly.

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