[Baby food supplement eggplant]_ children _ how to do

[Baby food supplement eggplant]_ children _ how to do

We all know that the nutritional value of eggplant is particularly high, and the eggplant is particularly soft. If it is done well, it is especially suitable for babies. It is especially suitable for the baby to make some eggplant when the baby needs complementary food. Many parents willWhen your baby eats complementary foods, make some aubergine mashed potatoes for your baby. The following editors will give you a detailed introduction to the specific method of baby’s complementary food eggplant. Various trace elements of eggplant, carotene and multivitamins, especially vitamin E and P, Is not often contained in other vegetables.

The precipitated fiber and B vitamins in eggplant can promote the baby’s gastrointestinal motility, avoid constipation, and effectively relieve the loss of appetite caused by hot weather.

The author uses a steamed cooking method, which retains nutrition to the utmost extent, and is accompanied by a nutritious sesame sauce, which not only enhances the calcium supplement effect, but also promotes the absorption rate of fat-soluble vitamins in eggplant, which complement each other.

In terms of taste, the eggplant is soft and glutinous, but also a bit sweet, mixed with the tangy aroma of sesame sauce.

As long as the baby’s little mouth is a pinch, the rich sesame-flavored eggplant melts in the baby’s little mouth, it can be said that the nutrition is delicious!

Some people say that eggplants can cause poisoning if they contain solanine.

Eggplant does contain solanine, but the content is small, and solanine has a strong heart, lowers blood pressure, inhibits microorganisms and other functions. It is one of the sources of eggplant health effects. Poisoning may occur if too much.

Eat in moderation usually, it is difficult to reach the poisoning amount, do not mind too much.

Production step 1, peel the eggplant (although purple eggplant peel also contains some nutrients, but considering that it is difficult to chew and is not suitable for babies, it is recommended to peel and remove pesticide residues, which is safer to eat) 2. CutWash the eggplants again (preferably purchase fresh and seedless eggplants, the meat is tender and sweet, more suitable for babies; old eggplants are hard and not easy to chew) 3. Take 1/4 eggplant and cut intoFinger-thick strips (cut into your favorite shape according to preferences, babies can also be cut into diced grains) 4. Put the sliced eggplant into water first (soaking can prevent oxidation and discoloration, and also remove some oxalic acid)5. Remove the eggplant from the water and place it in a plate; 6. Boil the water over medium heat and place the eggplant in a steamer; 7. Steam over medium heat for 15 minutesGrind to turn into eggplant puree. 8. Take out the steamed eggplant; 9. Pour 1 tsp of sesame sauce, sweet-scented eggplant with eggplant out of the oven.Grind into pieces, mix with hemp sauce and eat, taste better; priority推Recommended natural without adding sesame paste, which can be calcium, but also promote the absorption of fat soluble vitamins eggplant; 1 year old baby can also sprinkle a few drops of soy sauce, garlic explosion point more fragrant).

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