[Can you drink yogurt after eating watermelon]_ impact _ side effects

[Can you drink yogurt after eating watermelon]_ impact _ side effects

There is no doubt that watermelon is a popular fruit in summer. It is rich in nutrition and high in sugar. Many people also like to drink yogurt. They are worried about whether watermelon can be eaten with yogurt. In fact, yogurt is also a relatively common food.Many people in the cafeteria often eat watermelon and drink yogurt at the same time, indicating that watermelon and yogurt can be eaten together. Of course, watermelon and yogurt are not convenient to eat together.

Under normal circumstances, watermelon and yogurt can be eaten together, but people with poor gastrointestinal function are better to eat less, so as not to stimulate the stomach and cause physical discomfort.

How about eating watermelon and yogurt together?

Let’s take a closer look at it!

Can watermelon and yogurt be eaten together?
Most of the ingredients in watermelon are water, with a specific gravity of more than 94%, sugars at about 5%, and other vitamins and minerals for giving.

Yogurt drinks made from milk as a raw material have a higher nutritional value, but watermelon and yogurt have not been found to be unsuitable for eating at the same time.

Although watermelon is delicious and rich in nutritional value, its volume is too high, it has too much sugar, and it is a kind of cold food. It is recommended to eat less, especially those with gastrointestinal upset.

The nutritional content of yogurt has almost no contraindications, but people with too much acid are not recommended to eat more.

For people with poor appetite, high blood pressure, old people who are weak or osteoporotic, they don’t want to add more yogurt. You can take more water in a moderate amount.

Whether or not food is present, overdose is not recommended, and a reasonable diet should be carried out according to their own conditions.

Watermelon can’t be eaten with anything Watermelon can’t be eaten with mutton: Eating watermelon after eating mutton is easy to “injure life”, because mutton is sweet and hot, and watermelon is cold, which is a cold product. After eating, it greatly reduces the temperature of mutton.Tonic effect, and has hindered the spleen and stomach.

For patients with yang deficiency or spleen deficiency, it is easy to cause spleen and stomach dysfunction.

Watermelon and oil fruit: if these two foods are eaten together, vomiting is likely to occur.

Watermelon and fried food: Xiafu watermelon and Babaodan: Poisoned yogurt can’t be eaten with anything. 1. Bananas are rich in nutrition and have certain effects on improving cardiovascular and cerebrovascular function.

But yogurt can’t be eaten with bananas. Bananas and yogurt can easily cause carcinogens.

Some people who suffer from coldness in the spleen and stomach are prone to diarrhea. Drinking yogurt just taken out of the refrigerator, and bananas that promote “smooth intestines” food that promotes peristalsis, are more prone to abdominal pain and diarrhea.

2, soy milk is rich in calcium, the chemical components contained in soybeans affect calcium digestion and absorption.

So don’t eat yogurt with soy.

3. Drugs Some drugs cannot be taken with yogurt. These drugs include stomach drugs, antibiotics, iron and hypoglycemic agents.

Some people are accustomed to taking porridge, drinks, or even yogurt as water medication. This can also be avoided.

If you drink too much yogurt, the gastrointestinal tract will be more acidic, and the coating layer of coated tablets, enteric-coated tablets and other dosage forms may be damaged, affecting the efficacy.

Therefore, it is recommended to shorten the time of taking medicine and drinking yogurt for more than 2 hours while taking these medicines.

4, ham often eat sandwiches with yogurt, breakfast people should be careful, ham, bacon, etc. in the sandwich with lactic acid drinks (containing organic acids), easy to cause cancer.

To preserve processed meat products such as sausages, ham, bacon, bacon, food manufacturers add nitrates to prevent food spoilage and the growth of botox.

When nitrates meet organic acids (lactic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, etc.), they turn into a carcinogen nitrosamine.

Therefore, it is not advisable to drink yogurt 1 hour before and after eating nitrate-containing food.

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